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11 best food channels on YouTube

David Mawuli

YouTube, the world’s largest video streaming platform, has always been my go-to platform when I need video content for my journalism work.

It helped me a lot, especially when I focused on entertainment journalism years ago. I’ve done a lot of music data work over the years, and the truth is, without YouTube, it would have been difficult for me. While working as the Head of Research for 3Music Awards and Entertainment Editor at Pulse Ghana, I used a lot of YouTube data for almost everything.

But things turned around quickly when I switched to general news and travel blogging in late 2021. Due to the nature of my work, I easily get stressed and depressed. My work is much tenser on busy days. For this reason, I could go weeks without talking to anyone or picking up phone calls.

Luckily, I picked a new hobby that has served as an antidote for my stress. I love food (even though I hate taking in a huge chunk at a time), which is why I have developed a fondness for YouTube food channels.

When I’m at my low point, these 11 food channels on YouTube below bring back my life.

N.B: This list isn’t based on any particular metric or rakings; they are my favourite channels. Also, none of the channels listed is sponsored. This is my travel blog, so I guess I can share my personal stuff with the rest of the world.

Feel free to reach out to me via Twitter @davidmawuli if your favourite channel is not included in this list.

1. Best Ever Food Review Show

Subscribers:  9.6 Million

Country of Origin: United States

Channel Link: @BestEverFoodReviewShow

Best Ever Food Review Show is owned by US-born travel and food vlogger and critic Sonny Side who is now based in Vietnam with his wedded wife and the rest of his team.

Sonny travels worldwide searching for dainties that need to be covered in the food and tourism business. I started following him in 2021, and I haven’t regretted it. Sonny has covered everything from the most delicious to bizarre (a call it unique) delicacies. Also, he has a strong stomach; I can bet my last penny on that.

2. Victoria in the Kitchen

Subscribers:  1.1 Million

Country of Origin: Ukraine

Channel Link: @Victoriainthekitchen

Victoria Zhebko is a Ukrainian food vlogger and chef who creates simple yet delicious-looking local cuisines. She is the creator of the ‘Victoria in the Kitchen’ channel and has made some amazing regional cuisines with unique recipes over the years.

Unlike Sonny Side, who runs commentary throughout his videos, Victoria keeps mute but shares her recipes in her captions.

3. Wilderness Cooking

Subscribers:  4.1 Million

Country of Origin: Azerbaijan


Tavakkul, an Azerbaijani food vlogger, is the brain behind the ‘Wilderness Cooking’ YouTube channel. He lives in a high-mountain village called Qamarvan with his family.

Every week, Tavakkhul, 48, shares some unique recipes and mouthwatering local cuisines. His video angles and his serene environment make his videos top-notch.

And oh, in most of his videos, he invites kids living in his village and serves them the meals he prepares.

4. Georgy Kavkaz

Subscribers:  6.23 Million

Country of Origin: Russia

Channel Link: @georgikavkaz

Georgy Kavkaz is a famous Russian food vlogger known for creating unique dishes from the most serene tour sites and environments in his country. He has some secret recipes that give his food exceptional taste.

He produces both short and long (live cooking) videos. You can enjoy any of them depending on how much time you have on your hand. Both contents are amazing to watch.

He doesn’t do it alone – he has partners who have been on his food journey with him from day one. His channel is among my top 5 channels on this list.

5. Village Affairs

Subscribers: 1.01 Million

Country of Origin: Azerbaijan

Channel Link: @Kendisleri

Village Affairs channel is owned by Kend işleri, a food vlogger living in Astara City, a village on the Iran-Azerbaijan border. I love her village style of cooking and how much effort he puts into his food preparation.

6. Kanan Badalov

Subscribers:  1.33 Million

Country of Origin: Azerbaijan

Channel Link: @KananBadalovChannel

Kanan Badalov is a popular Azerbaijani food vlogger who cooks from home. He uses fresh vegetables and meat for his meals. He doesn’t speak much in his videos; however, his recipes are easy to identify.

Furthermore, he has an adorable daughter who shares his meals with him. His channel is wholesome.

7. Guga Foods

Subscribers:  4 Million

Country of Origin: United States

Channel Link: @GugaFoods

If you are a steak and dry-aged steaks fan, then the Guga Food channel was created for you – and you alone. It’s crazy how much time the Guga team spent creating unique, cheap and expensive steaks.

I’m a fan of steaks, and this channel opened my eyes to the junk I’ve been consuming outside. Wish they had a restaurant in my country.

8. The Pasta Queen

Subscribers:  850,000

Country of Origin: Italy

Channel Link: @thepastaqueen

Nadia Caterina Munno is the creator of The Pasta Queen channel. Nadia is a hilarious food critic and vlogger whose reaction videos have racked up millions of views and subscribers worldwide. She’s an expert in pasta, and her recipes have drawn millions of views over the years.

9. Country Life Vlog

Subscribers:  5 Million

Country of Origin: Azerbaijan

Channel Link: @country_life_vlog

Talk about the countryside life of a retired couple; this channel will give you all the reasons you need to live in the countryside after retirement.

Country Life Vlog is owned by an old Azerbaijani couple who prepare appetising local cuisines for their millions of subscribers. They live a simple countryside life, and that’s all the channel is about.

One may even ask why I have too many Azerbaijan on my list. Well, it’s because of how they stuff, season and marinate their meat before cooking.

10. Almazan Kitchen

Subscribers:  3.9 Million

Country of Origin: Serbia

Channel Link: @AlmazanKitchen

The Almazan Kitchen channel is owned by Serbian chef Boban Almažan and his nephew Aleksandar Almažan. The two have been living camp life for many years and sharing some amazing recipes and delicacies.

11. Mark Wiens

Subscribers:  9.6 Million

Country of Origin: Thailand

Channel Link: @MarkWiens

Mark Wiens is a Thai food vlogger and traveller who travels worldwide in search of street food and unique local dishes. He shares a similar style with Sonny Side.

He has travelled to many countries and has produced some amazing food videos for his millions of followers.

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